Our research in the field of 3D-Software came to fruition with the development of our unique modeling program, the Intra-Oral Protector Designer.


Practical Use

  • As an input data to whole process is used usual CT scan of patient
  • Convenient modelling of the Intra-Oral Protector in our unique software
  • 3D-printing of the Protector

Intra-Oral Protector


Early prototypes of our Intra-Oral Protector have been proven in real life. Case studies from clinics show the practical usefulness of our product.


Intra-Oral Protector

The perfect protection for tele- and brachytherapy of head and neck tumours

  • individually produced for each patient
  • independent of patient´s denture
  • takes into account patient´s anatomy
  • adaptable to special therapy requirements
  • fufils all GEC-ESTRO - recommendations for brachytherapy

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Intra-Oral Protector Solution

Intra-Oral Protector Designer is a computer software, which along with modern technical equipment enables the hospital to directly produce protectors in a short period. Our solution consists of:

  • Intra-Oral Protector Designer - software
  • High precision SLA or LDP 3D printer
  • post processing equipments
  • personal computer


Hibrand Industries

The HIBRAND Industries AG in Liechtenstein was established as a corporation with international participation and has carried out research and development for various medical products that were patented and brought to market.

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