The present invention is an anatomical shape of the Orbitafloor customized surgical instrument to detain/hold back the Orbita in order to supply an orbital floor fracture.

The design corresponds to the medial part of the Orbitafloor, the area where fractures occur most frequently. In addition the medial Orbitawall is comprehended rudimentary, whereby the spoon shape accentuates and improves the function.

The anatomical shape can be used not only as an orientation during the course of surgery, the undersurface can also be used as a template to bend of any implants as for the reconstruction of the Orbitafloor. (e.g. made out of titan, absorbable materials).

The contrary end of the instrument is designed in the shape of a brain spatula, which can be used at the beginning of the preparation.

The middle section of the instrument is plastically deformable like a brain spatula.

There exists a right and a left Orbitaspoon.

An own size for children is intended.