Rescue pliers

It is a pair of pliers, which was specially designed for the safe recovery-to extract-already relaxed (wisdom) teeth.

Other application possibilities would be the recovery of root remains, foreign objects and sialolith.

During a tooth extraction - especially in the rear - is always the risk that after a relaxation of the tooth using a clamp to rescue, that the tooth slips or jumps away into the direction of the throat. A tooth in the throat can cause an aspiration with a life threatening situation for the patient.

By using little appropiate or rather no primarily designated instruments (clamps, tweezers) for dental rescue the risk of such an incidence is cleary increased.

The working element of the pliers are two stooped to each other surfaces.They are adapted to a tooth´s shape and touch each other at the most anterior point, when the pliers are closed. It is designed so that also fine structures can be taken.

The surfaces on the inside, i. e. the tooth facing side are diamond coated in order to achieve the optimum grip.

Due to the specially shaped and diamond coated working element, it is possible to seize and contain a (already loosened) tooth secure.

The working element is angled towards the handle part about 30° - 45° to reach the tooth better. To prevent the sliding of the pliers the clamp lock is with some friction. The pliers handles are similar to the shape of a medical clamp, to ensure optimum handling.