Intra-Oral Protector Solution

Our Intra-Oral Protector Solution is a unique product, consisting of two elements – Intra-Oral Protector Designer and high precision SLA or LDP 3D Printer. Users of this complex package will be able to produce the Intra-Oral Protectors, that will help patients with head and neck cancer to avoid unpleasant side effects of radiation treatment. Damage to lips, oral cavity or teeth can be reduced or even prevented with the use of our patented Intra-Oral Protector, fewer radiation sessions will increase the patients’ well-being and the treatment costs will also be significantly lower.

 Intra-Oral Protector Designer

Our unique software, where you can comfortably design the shape of the Protector before the actual printing process. The intuitive workspace allows you to change and adjust the various measurements to the client’s individual needs.


3D Printer

High precision SLA or LDP 3D Printers allow to print the final product within few hours and without attendance. The result of the process is the Intra-Oral Protector, uniquely shaped and adjusted to the patient’s physique. The Protector is an indispensable aid during radiation treatment. It holds the soft tissues like lips, tongue and cheeks in a stabile position while keeping the mouth open. The radiation source can be aimed directly and precisely while keeping other body parts out of way, thus reducing the unwanted side effects. Lower costs for the treatment and significantly higher life quality of the patient are the primary results.


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